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A person who rummages through trash/garage sale "free" boxes for buried gold (i.e. empty bottles, copper, scrap aluminum, broken household goods, etc.) in the middle of the night.

See Also: trash picker

Jen: Hey. What should we do with these empties?

Derek: Throw them out in the front so the landclammers can get them; they'll be gone by morning.

Jen: Sweet. Can I throw my aluminum siding and broken laserdisc player out there, too?

Derek: Yeah. Knock yourself out.
by JenThe80'sFan June 02, 2008

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Any one who roams the neighbor picking up bottles and cans for the deposit.
A guy asks his friend what to do with his empty beer bottle, his friend replys just throw it near the road the land clammers with get it.
by nyviper84 March 08, 2008