To drive a car through a large puddle of standing water at high speed, causing the water to splash up and hit nearby pedestrians.

The wave looks something like a shark fin if seen from across the street.
That was a brutal Land Shark Steve scored on those freshman walking to class with his Impala!
by iocat January 23, 2011
One of 360 species of sharks, the Land Shark is a member of the Carcharinformes order (ground shark). Characterized by a sliding flap that covers eyes;

2 dorsal fins; 5 gill slits; no fin spines, commonly found in the west coast of North America, east coast of South America, northeast Atlantic,South Africa, southern Australia, and New Zealand; reproduction via eggcase, a single litter can have up to 52 pups that are laid at the water line at high tide. At low tide the pups are left to hatch and find their way to water. Hence the common name 'Land Shark'.

Uses meat, fin soup, and liver oil

Anal fin yes

Interesting Things land sharks are very shy

Number of Gills 5 gills

Coloring dark speckled grey on top, shaded grey on bottom
prey on small fish, squid and jellyfish
see Carcharinformes and search for Land Shark
by Carcharinformes August 11, 2010
The state of being way to epic, brutal, legit, or un-pwnable. Typically a 'baby eater' or one who 'eats babies'
I am a landshark, and do you know what landsharks do? eat babies
by landsharkcobra August 19, 2009
Po Po, The Fuzz, Jakes, 5-0, PIGS, COPS
Yo put dat crack down son, I just saw a Landshark creep by.
by FITZRIGHT January 09, 2010
Anyone who rocks the popped collar, typically seen worn by Guidos and DoucheBags wearing Pink Abercrombie shirts.
Look at the 2 Land Sharks that just came in, I cant believe they think The Blowout is still cool. (WOW, thats alot of self Tanner)
by That1dude86 February 14, 2009
The result of being caught on the toilet, taking a shit, when you realize their is no toilet paper. So you leave your seat with your underwear half mast and race to the other bathroom in the house to wipe your ass - dropping small, sticky pieces of shit, that were attached to your cornhole, behind you all over the house - or land sharks.
I was dropping a grogan when the JWs came and knocked on my door. I thought it was the mail guy so I hurried up to wipe, but discovered I was all out of the good stuff. So I made a mad dash to the other bathroom and totally left a land shark in the front hallway.
by smittan September 06, 2011
Semi-derogatory term used to refer to lawyers and other professionals against whom there is little positive public sentiment
Lock the doors, I heard there's a land shark going around looking for late filers.

I should have represented sharks and their fees took most of my settlement money.
by PiercedPsycho September 14, 2010

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