The game of shark-biting continued on land. The objective is to pinch a persons ass, mimicking a small shark bite. The 'biter' screams Land Shark!

Drinking rules can be used. Every time someone landsharks another person, both of them have to take a drink.
(pinch) "LANDSHARK!" That was a nice land shark. I got all of that one.
by johnny landshark September 07, 2011
A land shark is a code used in veterinary medicine that refers to an animal that is vicious and deemed unsafe. This only happens if the animal has gotten lose and bit someone.
The next clients dog is classified as a land shark, so make sure to use a rabies pole, muzzle and safe distant at all times.
by Vet tech August 08, 2012
Commonly referred to as a player of Call of Duty or other "FPS" game who upon seeing an enemy go from completely standing to fully prone.
Their whole fucking team is a bunch of land sharks.
by Jewses Chrost September 05, 2013
The act of leaving a land shark:

Dropping toilet paper pre-duke (the land) and laying down a nice big steamer on top (the shark). A turd casually sunning itself on a TP island waiting for an unsuspecting victim to smell its wrath. An act designed to avoid ass-splash whilst doing your duty and to punish those who follow.
"Man, I went in that gas station bathroom and someone dropped a huge land shark." (ie..find another rest room to rest your toosh 'cuz that bathroom smells like butthole content.)
by MISHELLLIOhohoho September 18, 2012
A land shark is a cop who pulls onto the road and right when you notice them they pull up so close to your car to run your tag you can practically taste bacon. Oh, and of course ur riding dirty. With your cousin. Who's on probation. While your leaving the Mini Mart he just popped off for child support money.
Damn Ben, I hope you haven't fucked a girl who's raggin', cause tha Land sharks are out for blood today.......
by Melvin MILF September 05, 2011
A shark thats swims in the gorund and chases you into the water, where there are normal sharks. So basically if you see a landshark you are 100% fucked in the anus.
Kate-"Run Betty! There's a landshark and it's going to chase us into the water!"
Betty-"Kate, there are sharks in the water and they look mad!"
Kate-"Looks like were 100% fucked in the anus!"
by L33isB345T November 08, 2009
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