A suffix that can be added to the end of any word in order to add kick or emphasis, i.e. cinemaland, eatland, suck-land.
I want to go to Johnnyland!
by Fooby February 26, 2004
To go somewhere; arrive at a certain destination.
"Yo Ryan! You and Josh can land over at my crib."
by R3Ject February 02, 2010
to make your collar go back to it's regular position after it being popped. the opposite of fly
Lisa: it's a good thing that i made you land before anyone saw how ridiculous you looked when it was flying.
John: yeah i guess...but i thought that having it fly was cool
Lisa: no John...no
by Natalie February 03, 2005
Slang for Timberland boots.
"Got 86ed cause bouncer didn't allow Lands in the club"
by Ghetto Nick September 15, 2006

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