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A super hero.
'Oh crap its lands'
pow pow pow
by fish111 October 16, 2010
short for cleveland, ohio. a nick name as in da land.

other cleveland nick names are:
Desmond: I was born and raised in ATL. Where you from shawty?
Ricky: I was born and raised in dha land dude.
Desmond: Where is that?
Ricky: Cleveland, Ohio.
by Creativity Productions June 30, 2009
Pujabi definition for a mans genitalia
suck my land bitch or want to see my land
by espee March 17, 2005
The short term version for Canada's Wonderland. Canada's Wonderland is a theme park in Ontario widely known by most inhabitants. Popular ride: Behemoth.
Jill: Hey do you wanna go to land on saturday?
Megan: Hell yeah!!

Bob: Yo man lets reach land next week I hear Patrick's gonna be there!
Kevin: No way man I gotta study for exams.
by pezz1234 June 15, 2009
The shit that you walk on. (unless on a boat or plane....Or on crutches/in a wheelchair) heheh
I'm on land motherfucker
by Jizzy Jan February 04, 2010
lucky or easy to get something.
He was lucky to land a good job.
by Mark November 16, 2004
A suffix that can be added to the end of any word in order to add kick or emphasis, i.e. cinemaland, eatland, suck-land.
I want to go to Johnnyland!
by Fooby February 26, 2004