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an awesome place full of awesome girls. they are all very clever, ( hence why they are there). many other school don't like them because they are very jealous of their better lives and better people.
Lancaster girls grammar what's that?

Just a top state school.
by aoife12345567u7e3 January 21, 2011
An all Girls school in Lancaster UK. Full of Rich Bitches who think they are better than everyone else. Have boyfriends at the Boy Grammar School down the road and often attend wild parties with them and loads of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
First years have really long skirts and huuuge bags same until year 8. Year 9 plus start to make theri skirts shorter and shorter despite the rules about having to kneel on desks and have their skirt length measured Year 11's think they rule the school and try and fail to copy the sixth formers

The Sixth form are generally really orange or really pale, they have big big hair either bleach blonde or dark browny red massively back combed their face is covered in make up and the unifrom in preppy Jack Wills, Abercrombie and Fitch, Pearls, Shirts buttoned up, boots, Uggs, SKinny Jeans, short skirts. leggings and big bags on their arms.

They walk round like they own lancaster and there are clique wars where they have huge arguments.

There are some normal people, we sit in a small bit of school or the common room and generally laugh at how air headed everyone else is. They might be going to russel group unis but they are thick!
Girl 1: Look at (name)'s new hair she hair sprayed it to look like evryone else at Lancaster Girls Grammar sad

Girl2: I know!
by emoGURL354 February 27, 2010
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