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ohio city which has the highest per catita of lazy ass losers which would rather sit on their couch which is on the front porch and drink cheap beer than get a job and do something with their lives.
You ever drive around the west side of lancaster, ohio during the middle of a weekday? Most of the porches are occupied.
by Jim Mack May 29, 2006
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ohio city which proves stupidity is contagious.
there sure are some stupid drivers in lancaster, ohio.
by jhoove13 March 17, 2006
left-lane driver capitol of ohio
The only way to and out of Lancaster, Ohio is in the left lane.
by jhoove13 April 23, 2006
A town plauged by and with heroine......
Man...... pull over i really got to take a Lancaster,Ohio.
by SLIMVIN August 24, 2014

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