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Rhymes with "hamster." Someone "on the lam"; a fugitive.
"The Florida cops just caught a lamster who's wanted for murder in Ohio."
by MikalM March 20, 2005
5 Words related to lamster
ugly, manly, short,stupid
every possible bad way of being a human
being a lamster is like being related to lam....sux....
by muahaha August 21, 2003
retarted, stupid, just like lam
daym.. u guys r buncha lamsters
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
lamster that short girl with big boobs
wow your boobs r like lamster`s
by dont work about it =] April 14, 2004
The object of Shawn Frison's affections.
Dio slid the chocolate eclair in his ass faster and faster, moaning and grunting softly. "Lamster, lamster, lamster! Oh god, you can write my javascript anytime! Oh yeah!"
by asdf October 31, 2003
an erroneous way of spelling hamster. hamster: biting, pooing, running ball of fur that is good for only cat food.
That stupid lamster took a sh*t all over his cage again.
by >:D October 31, 2003
Lamester just crashed into the mountain.
by Anonymous October 31, 2003

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