Slang for a female's shaved pubic hair/vagina.
"Since pussy shaving is so common, should we really use the word 'beaver' anymore? Perhaps it should be changed to 'lamprey'."
by sickfeeling October 05, 2007
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An uncircumcised penis. So named because of the resemblance between the puckered-up foreskin at the end of the flaccid penis and the sucker mouth of a lamprey.
Antonio's uncut - he's got big old lamprey in his pants.
by bws55 August 27, 2007
A firm attachment accompanied by sucking of one individual's mouth to another individual's anus, forming a complete seal.
Last night I totally did the lamprey on a chick's asshole.
by Scrim March 03, 2008
An asshole, esp. parasitic or slovenly, though sometimes anatomically.
Get this- those lampreys at my HMO denied payment on my pancreatitis treatment just because "the subject failed to properly disclose his hair had no such 'dirty-blond' status, but was instead ocre-hued."
by Wordsworth (1770-1850) January 15, 2007

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