Let A Man Live
For god's sake he's doing what he loves, LAML Let A Man Live.
by ganky da spanky June 27, 2013
Top Definition
Lol at my life.
Like FML, but when your life is so ridiculously crap you just can't help but laugh at it.
My boyfriend likes JLS, laml.

I got and F in chemistry, and I wanna be a doctor, laml.

A geeky guy asked me what my favourite animal was. I replied, "I like turtles." laml.

I thought I had a tampon lost in me, so I went to the hospital and got checked out, and there was nothing there. laml.
by Roobedoo August 08, 2011
Laughing at my life
Dale- "My mom has more Facebook friends than me...LAML"

Britt-nay- "My dad watched all of No Strings Attached with me...LAML "

Eugene- " My mom walked in on me dancing to Backstreet boys...Laml."
by Willywizzy July 14, 2011
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