one who has the uncanny ability to be lame and retarded at the same time.
usually has little or no friends.
will most likely live in his mother's basement until he's 54, and will never get laid.
ughh! you're the biggest freaking lametard on the planet!
by Xmona_lisaX February 15, 2008
Top Definition
when you combine lame and retarded.
Billy was such a lametard.
by IeshaOpps November 17, 2007
Someone that enjoys making up stupid nicknames for people that do not make sense
Nick called me a crackwhore edition 27, he is such a lametard.
by A rems November 29, 2008
1.Someone who is stuck in the phase between being lame and completely retarded and uses dude in every sentince.
2. A person who licks a leaf and sticks it on their forehead.
1. Dude:"Duuuude, that dude has like an awesome gb. Duuuuuude!"
Guy: "Dude, you're such a lametard."
2. She's such a lametard that she stuck the poison oak leaf on her forehead.
by x_sun_child_x September 15, 2005
A word devised by lame and retarded people for easy self-reference.
How about 'lametard'? That sounds cool and that is so us!
by Kumar Nahimaputalam February 14, 2006
A person who is uncool. Usually a cracker.
That lametard needs to shut up.
by Nikki Burgess April 01, 2007
Someone who is just quite annoying, and usually does not have a clue. Most commonly used for AOLers, but can be used for just about anyone.
Sheesh, Cale is such a lametard.
by Bryan May 22, 2004
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