scene speak for really dumb. above lame but below lame salad.

also see: silly sauce, fun sauce, dumb sauce, awesome sauce.
Dumping me over a text was so lame sauce of him.
by dr. proffessor cool phd March 06, 2009
Noun. Someone that has mastered the art of boredom and lazziness
Person1: yo nikko what chu doin?
Nikko: nottin
Person1:lets go blaze it and then play ball
nikko: nah man ima go home and sleep
Person1: Nigga ur lame sauce
by Nicholas Rouse October 15, 2007
the act of being lame to the 10th power.

to the level infact where you should be beaten up in dark alleys and jumped.
--why won't you just stick the bomb in the toilet?

-you know how much trouble i'll get in if i do.

--ugh bro you're lamesauce, definately out of the gang.

-ah! what? i frickin started this gang!

--and faggot, you are to lamesauce to be in it anymore so i'm kicking you out.
by Purple Astronaut January 10, 2009
noun. When a person is being so lame that they dont even deserve being called lame. They are called what you put on an order of lame.
Right now you are being the A.1. of lamesauce.
Don't be such a lamesauce
by Jennifer jensen August 20, 2007
Used to describe anything simply and quickly without having to take a breath or any other mindless activity.
Some Guy: Man, that play sucked...
Some Other Guy: Lamesauce
Lame sauce is lame sauce.
Losing a bet to your co-worker that "lame sauce" is an actual phrase, is totally LAME SAUCE!
by erokus May 23, 2007
Lame Sauce is something thta is more then lame, yet less then anything else
"That nice was lame sauce"
by Mason Beveridge February 22, 2004

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