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et. From the h4x0r lollerskate, meaning to skate in a super funny fashion.
1. One who skates lamely.
2. One who acts in a lame manner, as if skating lamely, especially over the internet.
variants: lamerskater
1. To skate lamely.
2. To act in a lame manner.
Used to express the lameness of an activity, often spelled "lamerskates" with an added 's'.
1. Cakelyn: Did you see how lamely that guy was skating?
Derby: Yeah, he sure is a lamerskate.

2. Erik: Did you hear that that girl has never heard of Libertine?
Drew: What a lamerskate n00b.

ex. 2
Zach: Did you hear how Big Dave deleted Saurbraten (aka Cube2) from his computer?
Greg: What a lamerskater.
by libertineskates February 21, 2007
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