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1. noun: Obviously formed by the union of LAME and MEME. This is a meme that has had its moment of glory and should have died years ago, but is still referenced by particularly lame people trying to be hip and/or cool.

2. interjection: The response apathetically or sarcastically exclaimed when someone invokes a lameme.
Blurting or typing out "EPIC FAIL LOL" everytime someone trips.

Proclaiming FML! on your FB update after anything slightly less than pleasant happens.

Creating a lolcat titled "Icanhasnewlaptop" after tripping

and breaking your laptop, pathetically lameme.

"Just dropped laptop EPIC FAIL LOL, can't get new one until the order has ran through the system. FML!"
*eye roll* lameme.....
by thanks cindy! June 23, 2010
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