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for a person, place, or thing to be deficient of coolness; an action that is very displeasing to one party
Dude #1: Hey man, that new Hillary Duff movie made me want to die.
Dude #2: Yeah dude, I agree, it was hella lameballs.

Dude #1: Sup homie, what's up in the news?
Dude #2: Nothing, just got back from doing it with your mom.
Dude #1: Dude, that is hella lameballs. You suck.
by D Lip November 17, 2004
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Expressing the sentiment of something's lameness. Usually used in agreement of another's statement.

syn: "that is lame", "that sucks"
Joe: "So I got my tax refund this year and they say I OWE them $300!"
Tom: "Lame balls."
by December 14, 2008
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lameball is basically basketball, until lebron james and the heat changed the rules of basketball so they could score more, be more awesome, and so kobe couldnt play any more cuz hes a punk. lameball is original basketball.
hey wnna play basketball
no i cant, im not tall or black enough
oh, i guess we can play lameball thn.
hey, cool, a sport for all races, except the big black guys r still better
by suckit trebeck March 22, 2011
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