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the carefree, positive, life-loving way to say 'lame'.

it sucks but it's not that bad.
person a: "i went to the fair today but didn't get cotton candy because the line was too long..."
person b:"lame cakes"
by Torey H March 29, 2008
to describe a situation or object
"this job is lame cake"
by choker January 22, 2009
some thing that is incredibly weak and lame. Much like the word "weaksauce"
- don't be a lamecake, just drink it.
- officers, don't be a lamecake, just take the bribe.
by Sexy Vo December 07, 2006
Something thats beyond just lame.
The essex divs are complete lamecakes!
by TheHotFuzz December 08, 2009
incredibly weak or lame and of course stupid.

usually used by potheads to describe a situation or a thing.
this weed is lamecake man.

man... my car died. lamekcake to the max.
by Sexy Vo December 10, 2006
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