testicles; balls; nuts; gonads; scrotum; sack of nuts; male genitals

Plural: Lambii
He has Hairy Lambos
by safdsf March 26, 2004
Car doors that open scissor style, also called gull wing doors. The name comes from Lambourghini cars that have this type of door.
His car is really snazzy - it even has lambos.
by Bill Gronos July 24, 2006
An extremely large apelike, monkyish, creature which can be found along the west coast of South America and in some places in Canada. Also in a high school in Michigan. Feasts on bananas and small children. Classification: Mamal.
That lambo ate my son!
by Dr. Stanley Bostich June 10, 2005
if you were to call someone a lambo, you would be calling them an idiot, or a fool
the young man in the blue dress, with a yellow beanie was so lambo
by Peter Loa October 24, 2007
a sexy bastard high school teacher; a male of stringbean stature
Dude, that Lambo has a hot ass regardless of his beanpoleness
by acl October 26, 2004
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