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exceedingly obnoxious side burns that just jump right out at you upon looking at that person
Wow, that guy has some serious lamb chops.
by Nikopal February 21, 2011
a good nick-name for a small cute friend of yours.
Hey, come here my little lambchop!
by Waldorkian121 February 16, 2005
The act of masturbating into a sock.

Taken from/referencing the Shari Lewis sock puppet "Lambchop".
Every day after school Greg would polish off a Lambchop before his Mom got home.
by Filbur August 14, 2014
its a radical sheep that i used to watch when i was just a wee child. =P
lambchops is pimpin'.
by Taylor March 30, 2005
"This is a song that doesn't end.... This is a song that doesn't end" DEFINITELY this 1980s-1990s children's educational show beats everybody else. An epic children's ed-tv show that makes sesame street and barney look like nothing..... This show was made by a ventriloquist whom voiced the lamb chop character(a plush little lamb) other characters that i remember in this show were a rabbit and a dog....
this is a song that doesn't end.... this is a song that doesn't end..... anyone who grew up watching lamb chop as a little child is so blessed.
by citylifeloving May 03, 2013
A food similar to that of a dweeble
Person 1: I had a very dweeble meal today!

Person 2: Oh yea! I liked the lamb chops too!
by beavers.are.weavers December 27, 2010
A name for a dog that is bigger than 140lbs and prances around like a flaming homo. This was first seen at 513 in tempe arizona.
Dude is your great dane mean a lambchop or what he just prances around smelling the flowers.
by Tango October 08, 2004