The act of rubbing one off with a sock puppet on, ala lamb chop, the 90's children's sock puppet.
Tony: "Dude, Marie told me my sock smelled bad, so I totally made her put it on her hand and give me a lambjob!"

Marie: "Tony! You're not supposed to tell anyone!"
by 90sbaby January 24, 2011
Top Definition
Pleasuring yourself using a Lambchop hand puppet and mint jelly as lube.
Dude, thanks for inviting me over for dinner on Sunday. Your mom is a great cook and gives excellent lamb jobs.

handjob masturbate spank the monkey flog the dolphin jerk off
by cough-it-up April 14, 2009
any sexual act preformed with limp arms, feet together, standing up, with EXCESSIVE hip movements
wow, jimmy bojangles just gave me the most orgasmic "Lambjob" yesterday. Fuck.
by ouch that hurts October 05, 2010
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