a freind who lies to another friend by saying that the person they like, likes them, even when that person dosen't.
she really needs to stop acting like a lam. i already know he dosen't like me.
by eva mearns February 14, 2008
Overweight, Asian American. Gets red while drinking and has few real friends. Small penis size is assumed but not known for certain as no females have been able to confirm this.
You see the Lam at the party? He was all red and eating wings instead of drinking.
by Newell60 February 21, 2005
Laughing at midgets. created by Bl00 Drew.
A comical replacement for "LMAO" used on AIM
"OMG LAM! that is so fuckin hilarious! "
by B0B Tex-ass January 22, 2005
laughing at monitor
kinda like lol but now your lamming it up like a fat chick
a-c and dave lam together
by HYDRO January 01, 2004
Incredibly docile, virgin Asian-American male; subject to fits of self-loathing, demonstrated by extreme desire to be socially accepted
That dude is such a lam, he never leaves work so the boss will like him
by Trouble1982 April 14, 2003
same as a lamb except it has lots of shit smeared on it's coat.
what is your name?

uy lam.

WHA? you are a shit-lamb?
by uysucksdick August 06, 2003

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