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to run, sometimes follows "on the," meaning "on the run." Used by thirties-style gangsters, the same ones who said things like "Let's case the joint, see?"
Kramer: Yeah, he went down at the Beakman. He tried to lam, but they cheesed him.
by Frank Booth January 02, 2005
Synonym for (St. Louis) Rams.
LET'S GO LAMS!!! We need to make some Lam Chops!
by dj_gs68 November 13, 2003
Acronym for Leave a Message.

Used in messenger service names if the person is away.
Pete - LaM (Away)
by CryogenicPyro October 17, 2003
Look At Me

Write LAM on school, or LAN or such when you want attention. Often said if you do something spectacular and funny.

Tom: LAM! I got 3 headshots in a row now!
Peter: WTF?
John: LONSL!
Tom: LAM! Now I got 4!
Peter: LOL
by Arildo Glemmingo March 27, 2007
1. to bring 5 dollars to dinner and breakfast occasions. Order the most expensive thing on the menu so you can screw your friends over.
2. a cheapskate.
3. fat and gay.
4. another word for shrek.
5. a broke ass who thinks hes a balla.
6. dumb face while playing video games.
7. big dick for nothing
1. Henry lammed Bob at breakfast today, He only paid 2 dollars.
2. You're so lam.

by Champson August 24, 2007
lam- Lambourghini an italian, expensive luxury sports car
I was doing 180 in my lam.
by ells May 22, 2005
an act of expression. a strong word that can be placed in just about any sentence. can be used when impressed, mad, happy, or anyother feeling
Lam, that girl is so blest! or Lam, did you see that girl? Lam yo, whats your problem!?!
by Jacwater February 11, 2005
Usually "out on the lam" A night of intense, usually unplanned partying and/or bar-hopping involving excessive alcohol consumption, inadequate food, somewhat-manic laughter and random escapades. Most often, but not exclusively, used to describe female-only nights out. The archetypal night on the lam: a hen night.
The girls stayed in bed until 3pm that day, destroyed by the previous night out on the lam.

Now plagued by a blinding headache, a fragile stomach and an empty wallet, Lisa was regretting shelving her college work for a night on the lam.
by linniekin March 28, 2008

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