lots of love for a person, place or thing.
Jamie lalaloves Sarah, so much she wants to explode.
#lalove #love #sex #drugs #rock and roll
by dickydoop December 20, 2006
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Top Definition
is two people that like each other so much but one of them takes too long to take charge and go beyond, until then its lala love between them too. Coming from the cute pet name for one another, made from each other.
boy:" man i cant wait to see her today, i miss my lala love"

girl:" my lala love always puts a smile on my face"
#simply love #lalalita #together #ramon #isabel #lol
by banana_apple1 May 21, 2009
The kind of love that makes you want to sing, It's a kind of love that makes you so happy that it can only be known as "LaLaLove"
Jame and Joe have some serous LaLaLove
#lalalove #sing #love #want #happy
by BabyBear92 May 31, 2011
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