giving a blow job fools!!
duh--you know:"im like an ally cat-drink the milk up-i want more"
thats semen you idiots!!
by lala April 01, 2005
1.popping that noise
2.tryna spit game on a person
3.talking bs
La la me you think ya gonna lala me ya pimp just aint enough to lala me you need to quit popping that la la
by josie marie December 25, 2005
To Deficate, Poop, 'Take a Crap'
"You make me wanna La-La,
in the kitchen on the Floor
without my pants on
i can poop near the door
the poop gets everywhere
feels so good in my hair
you make me wanna
you make me wanna
by Huge Ashlee Simpson Fan February 19, 2005
a sissy, a pussy to scared to do something
geez, why won't you climb up on the're such a lala
by GiNx January 18, 2005

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