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sex (duhh) or anything close to that... like horny, ect.
u make me wanna lala
in the kitchen on the floor
i'll be ur french maid
when i meet u at the door
im like an alley cat
drink the milk up
i want more
u make me wanna scream!
by kelsey April 05, 2005
166 114
My favorite teletubby. She's yellow, and has a happy-go-lucky personality. Her antenna looks like someone got angry at her and twisted it.
From the show Teletubbies
by Zhonghui May 20, 2005
132 93
Another name (one of so, so many) for weed.
"I'm on that la la, twist it up
I'm on that syrup, slow it down"
-I Know the Future (Weezy)
by breakyoselffool February 24, 2009
41 13
An acronym for the phrase: "Let's all laugh at Sunderland" used to highlight the unfortunate performances of Sunderland FC, used in insult from rival Newcastle United FC fans.

Often also used as a sort of signature to a Newcastle fan's rantings.
Sunderland Fan: You're only third in the league because you haven't played any decent teams.

Newcastle Fan 1: Even though we've played Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, Fulham and Stoke who are all in europe? Oh, and we've beaten you aswell.

Newcastle Fan 2: LALAS!
by ThisWelshKid November 15, 2011
30 8
lala comes from an old expression “ooooohlala” which meant damn your fine or wow I want to sex you. It has been warped by at least two generations to be lala and refers to sex acts or being aroused. It originally came from the French language and like all slang has been changed and adopted by the next generation so they can claim to be new and fresh when in reality they are emulating their parents but refuse to acknowledge it.
father: oooohlala she is drop dead sexy

Son: lala dad?

Father no, oooohlala, lala just menas your goofy in the head

Son: Whatever
by Thundersgone July 11, 2006
79 63
A character from the children's t.v. show, Teletubbies.
One of four, including Tinkie-Winkle, Dipsy, La-la and Po
by Dani L February 25, 2005
38 22
Weed, ganga, marijuana, pot, dank, skunk
Will you please stop somking LaLa
by yeffmandingo June 03, 2005
26 15