Lala refers to marijuana. Heard mostly in inner city areas.
A: Hey man, you got that lala?
B: Ya dude, what you need?
A: Yea, can i get a slice of that shit?
B: Yea man.
by slightlycoped December 14, 2008
Weed, ganga, marijuana, pot, dank, skunk
Will you please stop somking LaLa
by yeffmandingo June 03, 2005
Gentle caressing usually by repetitive hand strokes usually on the back. This is common for kids whilst being tucked to sleep and helps them doze off, but it is not uncommon in adults too. Lala is a swahili word which means to sleep and hence the light massage is related to dozing off.
Fiance: Oi thigh lala now.
Fiancee: But I want lala
Fiance: No, its not your turn. DO IT NOW WIFE.
by Tsullin December 13, 2011
.....also considered to be the female sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area.

..... WAY before Ashlee Simpsons song la la, KIX used it in one of their song titles "Bump the La La"
Im going over to kristys house to bump the la la....
by M April 05, 2005
The city of Los Angeles, California
Hoe- "Damn Leshawn! Are we gettin shot at?!"
Leshawn- "Bet, welcome to Lala trick."
by SkrillahKillah420 November 06, 2011
The urge to have sex
Ben wants me to lala.
by Marika January 23, 2005
Shisha Lounge, Sheesha Lounge,Hookah Lounge

A place where you go to smoke Sheesha, enjoy hot drinks, milkshakes, some snacks and deserts.

"Flavored tobacco smoked from a hookah. Abrabic in origin."

It's a code word for Hookah bar.
Lets go lala tonight.

After the wedding they want to go lala

I haven't been to lala for weeks I'm dying to go back.

He wants to take me lala on our first date

I need a lala buddy
by lala is my thing October 17, 2010
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