laughing awkwarly loud!
Person 1: Guess what!
Person 2: what!?
Person 1: I am lactose intolerant!
Person 2: Lal.
by hinduboy11 July 21, 2010
Acronym: Laughing A Little
She says LOL all the time on Facebook after everything she says, But I know more than half the time she really means LAL.
by Tony Two-Step October 25, 2009
Laughed a little
Used when texting or using IM. Similar to LOL. That was kind of funny. I LAL (Laughed a little).
by Zach11Johnson August 20, 2008
Laughalot, an awesome Facebook page, where people can laugh at funny pictures. Or to be used in the place of LOL.
"Did you see Greg's shirt? LAL"
by Laughalot2011 January 12, 2012
An alternate way of spelling "lol". Since it's origin is based on the "lawl" pronounciation, you pronounce it that way, too.
Lal, you're so funny :3
by Sdrawkcab Divad July 29, 2011
Laughed A Little. Instead of laugh out loud.
LAL, that was kind of funny
by Miss Screaming Like Bombs January 29, 2011
Laugh a little.
I thought that your post was funny. Not quite LOL funny, but certainly LAL funny.
by fukyeahjohnkinzr December 17, 2010

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