The most prettiest, outgoing girls in the world. They have HUGE boobs, and are too smart for most people. Usually Chinese girls.

They are dwarf like, and have a weird laugh.
They are the life of the party. Their everywhere when you are partying.

You can never get enough of a Lake. She's always the best person to have around.
"Broooo, you have to invite a lake to your party!"
by LaxyGirls April 05, 2011
To like someone in a sexual way; lust for; perverted way of saying "like"; you kno, its LAYke
You lake him dont you, you perv.


He lakes her I can tell because he's nastying over her.
by CAREY and CYNCHA January 17, 2004
n. A person who is not nice.

adj. lakey. Slipshod, not up to par.

Etymology: unknown
"He ain't nothin' but a big lake!"

"That dress is lakey, Jane."
by Phil DeYoung September 12, 2004

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