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Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson is at every damn game!
by Mwa April 09, 2004
Not necessarily a fan, but more or less a poser and dicksucker of one of two teams in LA. Often possessing a very bleak understanding of the NBA and the game of basketball itself. Typically Hispanic and/or preteen. See kobetard for additional details.
Laker fan: OMg KObees dabest homes!!! He put in ball in basket 50 times! NVP NVP NVP!!!

True NBA fan that overhears the subordinate: True he did score 50 points. However, he shot 11/68 and got 29 ft attempts. By the way your team also lost to the Wizards.

Laker fan:5 rings!!!!
by blazernation23 December 27, 2012
One who is denying themselves the right to have an opinion, by only supporting the winning team.
2)a sellout/loser.
3)Depriver of self rights.
Whould you look at Reece, sporting those clothes. What a laker fan!
by Dajizwiz January 27, 2003
A former KOC player who has always deleted his account when he realized he sucked and could not win an age.
Dude, I just pulled a lakerfan!

Your chobo account is so lakerfan!
by madd July 27, 2004
One who is worthy.
A Laker Fan actually has something to cheer for. A kings fan needs another hobby.
by Jim Worthy April 24, 2003