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The place where all the getto white kids from parsippany dream about. It consist of punks, emo kids and getto wiggers, But still is the better place to be.
L H... it's what you parsippany kids dream about!
by LHBoy July 11, 2005
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the better part of parsippany, broken up into upper L.H. and lower L.H.
the better and more gangsta part of lake hiawatha is the lower L.H. that place is the truth
by young jezzy October 19, 2005
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A small part of Parsippany that does not contain a "lake" This single main strip known as Beverwick Rd. has lots of garden apartments for dirt cheap people who stay and rent for lifetimes and generations. The quality of business along this main road is mediocre. The only good place is the Spa diner for breakfast.
Let's go to Lake Hiawatha to pick up your friend. Which garden apt. is it?
by madonna1 June 30, 2006
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