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beautiful lake and mountains, extremely fun in the summer, however if you drive down the main street in the village in winter, it is highly unlikely to see another car on the road. If you don't live right on the lake or have a boat, you live in the village and probably use your friends' boats. one of the biggest underage drinking towns, heavy marijuana use, and some cocaine use. when you tell someone you are from lake george, they look surprised and say, "people actually LIVE there year round?"
if you are a teenager in lake george, your life most likely consists of:
1. heavy drinking
2. smoking weed everyday
3. heavy drinking on your boat
4. smoking weed on your boat
5. not much else
by cailoria May 01, 2006
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Lake George, where the village in the South is dirty, over run by tourist, cheap T-Shirt shops, mini-golf and aweful pizza, and the North with beautiful people, beautiful scenery and great parties. Many are poisoned by the crowded waters and the "strip" of Lake George Village, and often overlook the beauty that the Lake and the surounding mountains have to offer. Remember, There is more to Lake George than TOURISM!
"Hello I am from Lake George Village"

"So you sell T shirts and Ice Cream?"


"That sucks"
by Drew Trombley January 02, 2005
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Village in upstate new york that is dead in the winter time. With a population of 3,578 (as of 2000), Lake George's finest assest is the lake. Unfortunately, that too has been crapped upon by the thousands of tourists that boat on it each year.
"Lake George is an elaborate name for a dirty vacation." - Jackson Strong
by Elvira, queen of doom August 14, 2004
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the gest spot to go on vacation but there no human life there in the winter. theres a nice lake boats food boardwalk niggas and women. u can bike 4 miles u cant drown in the lake unless ur the bitchest swimmer in the whole world. u can fish eat breakfast and lunch swim in a pool hike smoke weed in the mountains. overall the greatest place on earth where real nigga get down. all this shit is about 10 times better if u stay at marine village which goes harder then Baltimore and any where else. bottom line if ur not going to lg u fucken bitch ass pussy. also if u dont go in august ur gay. also home to the sagamore the gs semi island on the lake of george. u can take cannoes out and not even no how to work one and no one will give a shit. u can buy airsoft guns and other illegal stuff. nas is half man half amazing. and bottom line it the greatest place ever carved out by 2 mountains moving away from each other. peace niggas
yo nigga lets go to lg no doubt that shit goes hard
nigga we getting down 2moro at the sagamore that shit goes hard yea but its like 500 a night

lets go to italy nigga that shits weak lake george is like 10 times better

u say u go hard but u stay at the hoilday inn real nigga get down at marine village and the place next 2 it and deff not anywhere in italy.

yo 2night we eating at the log jam chilling in the sickest arcade and then taking the boat out on the lake and getting crunk and it will be better then going to italy
by weezy f babby loves lg August 03, 2009
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