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Totally cool campus! Must see! Lake erie college is a hidden gem in Ohio. It has one of the most spectacular small campuses I have ever seen, and the entire place is so student centered that everyone interacts all the time with the college's president! Cool!The students are really good looking, but mostly jocks. Female and male. They are really friendly and it has a great student culture and night life. The students are even entertained throughout the year in the presidents mansion for various school events. They even have a seret holiday when school is cancelled on a warm fall day. It is called mountian day and it is a blast. The college is alot of fun and it is pretty highly ranked and the only division 2 school in NE Ohio. I am really surprised that more people haven't heard of it. The only negative I saw was that some of the equestrian girls looked like thier horses, but the rest are really hot. The lax girls are hot too, but they and the equine girls are into preppy and pearls. So they are great if yout are into that type. I checked it out for lax and decided to stay. I don't regret it.

One of the best colleges in the mid-west for jocks and preppies! lake erie college
8-4 lake erie college football team this year
by lax dudeman December 16, 2009
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