Something that misbehaves and is prone to deceit. It can also have vicious tendencies.
"My bunny is a bad lairy-sauce."
"You're such a lairy!"
by Kelly-Po September 13, 2003
Top Definition
British slang: Displaying an aggressive attitude in order to provoke a fight, argument or any verbal or physical confrontation.
"Stay away from him - he's well lairy," or "He's a right lairy git."
by Dee McIntosh August 24, 2004
England, esp South Coast.

Pushy, angry.

"Don't get lairy with me!"
"He gets so lairy when he's had too much".
"Don't get lairy with me!"

"He gets so lairy when he's had too much".
by JohnnyMalaria January 22, 2005
Brighton slang for cheeky, particularily in the case of younger people 'giving lair' to older people. Lairing someone up is like winding them up, maliciously.
Little kids are so lairy these days
by Ed Carter August 25, 2003
Getting inebriated and behaving obnoxiously for the amusement of all.
Got lairy last night and punched a dog in the face
by EnglishRagga September 11, 2010
From the Macquarie Dictionary
adjective 1. exhibitionistic; flashy. 2. vulgar. from Cockney slang
lairy wise, knowing, awake up
"What a lairy pad."
by JoAnne December 23, 2002
Southern English slang used to mean "Don't fuck with me" and aimed at someone who is being insulting or confrontational. Often the person who uses this word thinks he is a bad man and the person who it is aimed at has damaged their fragile ego somehow.
Chav#1: Damn man, your girlfriend has had more cocks in her than the barn her family lives in!
Chav#2: *grabs chav #1 by the collar* Listen bruv don't get lairy or i will fuck you up right here and now!!!
by ElloElloEllo! May 01, 2006
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