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an acronynm for lets all get naked and fuck
i used to have a license plate that said lagnaf
by michael morman March 11, 2003
An acronym for Let's All Go Naked and Fornicate (or F*ck); originated in the late 1960's and seen on bumperstickers; the general public assumed it referred to some Air Force Base.
L.A.G.N.A.F.(white letters on blue background bumper sticker)
"What are we going to do this weekend? I'll buy a case of beer, let's head for the beach and LAGNAF!"
by Miami Joe August 31, 2007
let's all get nude & frolic!
(this is a better definition when the word is used in the office)
LAGNAF - "Let's all get nude & frolic"
by Tom January 20, 2004
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