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a synonym for vagina.
"my ladytown is gettin a flood this winter!"
by Natasha and Lauren November 11, 2007
slang for vagina, see also vajayjay
"I do not know you well enough to let you near my lady town!"
by LSUbelle December 19, 2007
a delicate term used for the genitalia of a female.
Natasha: Has he asked you out yet?
Lauren: No, there's been such a drought in my ladytown!
by Qwertyuiop417 November 25, 2007
Another word for a woman's vagina.
Sue: Hey Patty, how did your date go with Dan last night?
Patty: Well there was a flood in Ladytown, I'll tell you that!

Joe: Damn Betty, that basketball just bombed Ladytown!
by N and L November 21, 2007
A place inhabited by your fingers or a male appendage
Jenna: Lauren has her fingers in ladytown right now.

Henry: That's funny, I was in ladytown last night.
by LadyJay127 March 01, 2011

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