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A term of endearment for a a female friend that is both a lady and a babe. She is the quintessential female friend that everyone dreams of having- funny, hot, fit, typically brunette, successful, well traveled, well cultured, knows at least one other language, flat irons her hair even before a run. Yes, the critetia is specific but that is why the name is given to oh so few.

If quality and class got together and spawned a perfect human- it would be her. The ladybabe.

Girl 1:Did you see Monica running on the beach today?

Girl 2: Sure did.

Girl 1: Wow, what's in the water here??! She's a smokeshow!

Girl 2: Nothings in the water. She's just a total ladybabe.
by DamandaMichelle November 27, 2013
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