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1. The genteel manner in which one refers to the penis of a MTF transexual
2. A tranny clit
Alexis: Fuck me harder. I'm so close.
Horatio: Damn bitch! Your mussy is so tight! Now give a few tugs to your lady stick. I want to feel your mangina do some squeezeplay on my cock when you cum.
by Matthew Lake April 28, 2007
Hey, can you go grab Jenny some Lady Sticks? It's that time of month again
by TheAesthete January 30, 2011
A vibrator
"OMG, I just got a brand new pink lady stick!"
by RandomWriterDude October 18, 2013
A term used to define the penis of a transgendered man who is still in pre-op.

Also used when a woman (be she gay or straight) straps on a dildo.
Example one:

Dave: Doesn't Mark know that's a man?

Steve: It's alright. He'll get a big surprise when she pulls out her ladystick.

Example two:

Donna: Wow! I didn't realized Karen strapped it on...

Michelle: What, you mean her ladystick? Well how else is she suppose to level 5 her girlfriend?
by Jadairo July 02, 2008