Girl who is not a slut with guys.
Jenna is a Lady Pimp.
by anicepersonagain August 01, 2011
Top Definition
a woman who pimps the men
check out that lady pimp w/ those guys
by ChiChi May 24, 2003
Mina the one and only original lady pimp.
She is an owner of male prostitutes and also female prostitutes.She sells them for certain deeds like sex and drug dealings also to do dirty biddings.
Shes got a truck full of hoes, she the biggest pimp of all. Shes a Lady Pimp
by Amy January 18, 2005
A woman that constantly has a stable of manwhores, either for pleasure or profit.
She's got so many guys around her she's a lady pimp.

To get our girls night out party going we had to call our lady pimp.
by anthony bamonte November 14, 2006
a woman who pimps the main men
Check out that tght lady pimp rockinthose guys.
by ChiChi May 23, 2003
A movement created by Women where the women are the dominant species and play men like bitches. Their main goal is to get men to give them pleasure with out returning the favor, then leaving the men high and dry. :)
Yo, they got him to slap their box, damn they're lady pimps!
by L-$lice May 14, 2009
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