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I don't like her. She's a whore who thinks she's beautiful, but you can never see her face. I admit, Just Dance is cool but then I heard Poker Face and the sound the same except for the lyrics, which are kinda dumb. She's often compared to Gwen Stefani. I'm not saying I hate her, just not a fan.
LadyGagaFan:"Oh my god! It's a Lady Gaga song!!!"
Me:"I don't like her"
LGF:"But isn't Poker Face awesome?"
Me:"It sounds just like Just Dance."
LGF:"She's so pretty though!"
Me:"Have you ever seen her face?"
by EveryonesACritic:( May 19, 2009
563 547
A massively overrated and overly popular woman who could produce multiple children by herself. For those who don't know, yes, she has both. She has talent, but in my opinion, not very creative.
Modest Mouse is much better.
"Lady Gag(a) is worse at poker than jesus riding a motorunicycle while chugging Popov and playing against Bulgarian midgets made of pessimism."
by peter and his monkey February 18, 2010
77 69
A pop singer who apparently has talent but instead uses it for making shitty, terrible, recyclable, here today and gone tomorrow pop music. She also looks like a Jewish version of Madonna mixed with that cunt Cher. The only reason I watch her videos if at all is for the soft core porn. She might as well be a dirty porn actress that sucks nigger cock all day long.
Person 1: Did you hear that new Lady Gaga song?
Person 2: Who gives a fuck.
by William J J T October 28, 2010
205 203
A sex act where a man and woman get in a 69 position, with the man underneath. Then the man zaps the woman in the perineum with a small taser or electrical shock device. A variation called the "Amy Winehouse" occurs if the woman looses control of her bowels.
I was up for some angry make-up sex with my ex-girlfriend, so I gave her a Lady Ga-Ga to keep her in line.
by B. Stickey February 14, 2012
5 4
A performer who's sexuality is determined by her fanbase.
Person A: What is Lady GaGA's sexual orientation again?
Person B: Let me check what her fan base wants right now.
by Eldrich Thurge January 21, 2012
5 18
When a girl gets bukkaked and you stick random things to her. The semen acting as an adhesive. With the end result of her looking like Lady Gaga in one of her many absurd outfits.
Me and my boys picked up this whore and totally Lady Gaga'd her.

I love my girlfriend. She's so fun. She let me Lady Gaga her the other night. It took a lot of semen and I was pretty sore afterwards but it was totally worth it!
by Bomb.Co.Uk January 06, 2012
7 21
A glamourized pop star who got put on the map in the year 2009 with her debut album The Fame with hits such as "Pokerface" and "Paparazzi". Her name is derived from the Queen song "Radio Gaga". She wears bizzare clothes and makeup for shock value. Fans of Lady Gaga idolize her, saying that she's creative and one of the better, entertaining acts of the dead music industry. What they don't know is that everything shes ever done thus far has already been done by Alice Cooper and David Bowie more than a decade before she was even born, except Cooper and Bowie were much more authentic and much more devasting amongst the general public then she'll ever be. She'll slowly wither away by the end of the next decade.
Generic Gaga Fan: Oh my gaaawd, i love Lady Gaga! her haters are all just a bunch of miserable, jealous bastards!

Real Music Fan: She's not original, she just copies Alice Cooper's act and made it popier.

Generic Gaga Fan: Who the fuck is Alice Cooper? (sees a picture of him) oh my gawd is he a satan worshipper!?
by eighteenforever October 18, 2011
34 48