Term used as a synonym of woman, girl, etc. Straight men don't use this word often. Gay guys do.
Jarrod (Gay): My lady is finally here!!!!

Man 1 (Straight): Your a homo

Man 2 (Straight): Jarrod, fuck yourself

Man 3 (Straight): God Jarrod is a faggot for saying that.
by staighterthenu November 05, 2010
another word for cocaine
Pete and guz got all fucked up on lady last night
by pete and guz September 05, 2007
A fancy term that is sometimes used to describe the life support system for the pussy of an otherwise worthless woman. Origin of this definition is the U.S. military circa the 1960's
If not for her pussy, the lady would be worthless.
by Scootertrash327 March 19, 2011
MDMA (ecstasy) pill. This particular "brand" doesn't last too long, But it is very popular.It was commercialized after the film Bad Boys II.
hey man, what kinda pill did you get? I gotta blue lady.
by jumperlosangeles July 10, 2008
undercover/slang word for cocaine usually used when talking on a cell phone.
hey, you straight on the lady?
by Geno January 18, 2005
Used as verb: to strive towards an objective in an exceedingly - even cartoonishly - effeminate manner.
It wasn't his promotion per se that bothered me, but the fact that he ladied his way into that position.
by pam bigua September 15, 2004
Five pounds sterling note. From cockney rhyming slang Lady Godiva = fiver
The astute better would bet a lady on Brazil to win the World Cup next season.
by Rich Lawson May 22, 2005
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