noun: A female able to hold down strong emotions, usually ones of anger.
(Guy blows his girlfriend off for some bullshit reason. She reacts very cool about it.)
His reaction: "Wow! How did I end up with such an amazing, understanding lady for a girlfriend?"
Her reaction: Thinking: "DiediedieBURNINHELLdie!" Saying: "Oh, my mom just raised me well I guess."
by Lace_Eclair June 22, 2011
n./adj. - An endearing term or title for a close female friend. Used most widely between heterosexual females. Similiar to the use of "broham" between males.
"Hey lady! How've you been?"
by NayNay2911 September 09, 2011
sensimilla or just good nugs
Dude: Got any ladies?
Dealer: Blueberry, Skunk #1, Sour Diesel, White Widow, and Northern Lights, take your pick, $50 an eighth.
by ThatHannahGirl August 20, 2006
In the world of drugs, the word "ladies" means, Oxycontin.. some may also call it "illies", or "oc".
Hey man, can you get any ladies for me?

Or hey man I got some illies today, I can hook em up $40 a pill.
by Msdiva September 30, 2009
actually widely known as "leighties", it refers to the late eighties. late + eighties= leighties. 1985-1989ad.
metallica owned the leighties.
i have met alot of ladies in the leighties, ladies.
you shouldve left that mustache in the leighties.
by da-da-da!!!!_AntMan March 18, 2009
A fancy term that is sometimes used to describe the life support system for the pussy of an otherwise worthless woman. Origin of this definition is the U.S. military circa the 1960's
If not for her pussy, the lady would be worthless.
by Scootertrash327 March 19, 2011
Term used as a synonym of woman, girl, etc. Straight men don't use this word often. Gay guys do.
Jarrod (Gay): My lady is finally here!!!!

Man 1 (Straight): Your a homo

Man 2 (Straight): Jarrod, fuck yourself

Man 3 (Straight): God Jarrod is a faggot for saying that.
by staighterthenu November 05, 2010

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