"Lady" is a Title that defines an Elegant Gracious Loving Woman who uses Etiquette and Diplomacy in both Public and Private Matters".
Her Beauty comes from within.
She has a firm bridle on her emotions and conducts herself with wisdom.
She is humble and she is assertive; using discernment and patience in all things.
With her faults and mistakes she rises up in humility and perseverance. She apologizes when realizing a mistake or causing offense.
She does so because a lady meets each days demands as appropriately as she can with whatever internal and external resources she has available to her on any given day.
She is considerate and loving to her partner and others.
Neither ascetic nor selfish. She's not opinionated as her evaluations and conclusions are based on facts after careful observations. She is respectful. Intelligent, honest, humorous, down to earth, gentle, delicate yet strong.
She is forgiving and does not seek ill will in her heart or with her tongue.
She dresses modestly without drawing to much attention to herself and especially not to her feminine charms. She is tactful, strategic and careful. She recognizes the importance of not overworking herself or becoming solely reliant on herself.
She assists the destitute.
She is not afraid of life and wakes up every day to work . She is not self important but rather has a healthy sense of self-esteem. Money and superficiality do not motivate her decisions or treatment of others.
Other embellishments of a ladies character:
She is a servant and serves joyfully yet knows it is from the beauty of her heart not from obligation. She is not pretentious or ostentatious.
She is charismatic and has learned the art of persuasion.
Self-Controlled, Poised, Charming, Accepting of herself and others in a balanced light, Merciful and tactful when dealing with situations that render others or herself in a negative light. Uncompromising with her values, Careful with her choice of words. Soft spoken and slow and clear in her speach. She is willing to not have immediate answers in order to find a proper solution and have sufficient time to analyze and calculate the most productive response. Compassionate and Passionate but reserved in how and where she displays her passion.

She is not promiscuous or unfaithful to her partner, any arrangement they have is not broken through deceit but rather through honesty and with delicacy if it is to change.

She knows she stumbles and is not perfect but perfection isn't her goal, however she works towards being the best possible version of herself that she can be and she knows it is a lifelong endeavor.
She is feminine beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Any female is a woman or will be but being a Lady takes work and it isn't inborn, it is a practice, a fine art and takes focus and consideration.
by aspire2Bangel August 18, 2011
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Something most Men don't treat right.
I know how to treat a lady.
by DirtyWhiteBoy August 24, 2003
a masterpeice created by god...
u guys betta treat yo lady right or she will up and leave yawl skank ass!
by christie July 23, 2003
One of the best things in the world. A female who you really care about. Synonym of wifey. Opposite of hoe.
U gotta treat ur lady good.
by Ryan January 31, 2004
An elegant and good-hearted woman who uses her femininity in the most dignified and endearing way possible.
T?hat girl's a real lady
by lil.sazzie April 30, 2006
The best word for a male to take a normal, innocent sounding sentence, and add an awkward, perverted, creepy twist, in reference to speaking with a female. It is always used at the end of a sentence, and usually follows a comma. For extra effect, can be complimented with lowering of the voice, and raising of the eyebrows. Is used by guys that desperately can't get any action globally. It's use is significantly higher when the man has been consuming copious amounts of alcohol.

In extreme cases, subjects have been known to use a weirder and creepier version of the word ladies, which appears to be some sort of obscure reference to the middle ages, by saying m'ladies.
Having fun tonite so far, ladies?
You girls should come tonite ... ladies.
Let me know if you need any help at all, ladies...
You should come over tonite for supper, m'ladies...
*When Drunk* Hey ladies, wanna have a no pants dance at my house ladies?
by Turbonator November 22, 2005
A woman of which a besotted male will hold in reverence.
"I love you" (and really means it)
by Ham March 24, 2004
A formal title for a woman of high social status. Also used as an affectionate term by a man/woman for his/her girlfriend or wife.

Still, the English language prefers to use the borrowed French "Madame" rather than the native English "My Lady" in address.
Don Quixote: "My lady!"
Aldonza: "I'm not your lady! I'm not any kind of a lady!"
by Lorelili March 18, 2006

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