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A word used by complete idiots who are probably trying to write Lady Sovereign but either do not have enough brain capacity to spell sovereign right or know that they are not worthy of writing the name of such an amazing artist.
Idiot : "you know your music taste sucks you like lady sovereing"
Me: no i don't! wtf is that?...........Oh, you must mean lady sovereign!
Idiot: yeah that's her I forgot how to spell he he whoops *kills self*.

Wanker: " Lady sovereing is a disgrace, but I am kind of scared to write that properly"
Me: yeah the Ess-Oh-Vee would kick your ass!
Wanker: "shut up I am going to have nightmares now....mum I need hugs!!!!!! and I need you to fuck me!
by ~~SoMe RaNdOm BiTcH~~ July 04, 2009
A dirty ass slut wet pussy mothafucker bitch from UK who tries to sing rap and have a restless addiction and atraccion for big black dicks.
Just another dirty bitch else.
Lady sovereing is my jump off!!!
by Lil Wess February 08, 2007
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