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contrary to popular belief that "no one knows what it means", lady humps are anything curvaceous on a female body. Songs that reference these are known to be provocative and get the crowd going.
"I'm not skating to anything that references lady humps. I don't even know what that means!!" Jimmy MacElroy
by 123helloitsme December 16, 2010
27 6

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Slang; in referrence to the Harley Davidson "Sportster" motorcycle. The Sportster has the ill fated reputation of being a girl's bike, thus any male Sportster owner rides his "Lady Hump."
Lady Hump is a Girls Bike!
by Capt. Stash September 24, 2010
18 8
What you get drunk of.
Black-eyed Peas: I'm gonna get you, get you drunk, get you drunk of my lady hump.
by superlugia July 26, 2008
7 43