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someone who is acting really gay and obsessing over lady gaga. Particullarly a boy
Boy- Omgee have you heard the new lady gaga song?! Its totally awesome!

Girl- Im a girl and I dont even obsess over her that much. Do you have a case of the Lady GayGay my friend?
by justinbieberfever July 04, 2010
Lady Gay Gay meaning a spunky friend who licks you while you sleep and spams you with emojis. She is a known terrorist as she terrorises her so called 'friends' by attacking them with hate speech against pussy. She is known to smell vaginas. She also has a friend called slutty ho bag spunk face who also attacks people by pouncing on them with her huge bingo wings and flappy vagina.
Amy: hey Ellen you are such a Lady Gay Gay
Ellen: slol that must mean you're slutty ho bag spunk face
Amy: nah man. Now get out of the way I need to lure some kids into my van

Ellen: wait no I have a question first
Amy: go ahead lady Gay Gay
Ellen: do you want badger feet stew for lunch or badger feet lasagna??
Amy: stew duh! God you're such a pedo file man!
Ellen: lol I know. #noonelovesme

Ellen: also I hump rabbits
by wasting my life January 27, 2015
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