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It's a word most used by the Venezuelan people, to refer of someone or something as annoying
Tu eres una ladilla!!! You are very annoying..
by Leonardo Goncalves December 14, 2007
49 9
Ladilla is the spanish word for crab louse. Therefore it's usually used to reflect that someone can be as annoying as a crab louse. It can also be use in the form of a verb "ladillar". For it's sexually related content, it can also be found in expressions with such intention.
"Hombre, eres una ladilla" as in "Boy, you are such a pain", or "deja de ladillar" as in "Quit fooling around".
by Willy en Baires April 05, 2006
44 9
Something really annoying
que ladilla es maria
by Helena April 05, 2005
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