Misguided persona adopted by men attempting to mask various social or emotional issues, intended to promote a positive self image as unattainable and incapable of being satisfied with only one lady.

The discrepancy between individuals who tend to adopt this social identity and individuals who are genuinely desirable to women has lead to the more frequent association of the negative implications of the term.

The term player or playa is a euphemism synonymous with ladies man however because it is a relatively newer term it is less frequently used in mockery for its negative connotations and is typically intended to convey only the capricious nature of an individuals intimate relationships.
- Is John bringing anyone to the New Year's party?

- No, he's probably hoping to meet someone there. He's quite 'the ladies man'.
by haras theb May 29, 2007
An emotionally stunted male who views himself as God's gift women, insinuates himself into unwanted conversation with women in a social setting, and when he can't get a desired response from you, will invariably hit on your girlfriend.
Quick Mindy! Here comes that "Ladies man!"
by tinkerbell February 12, 2005
A person who gets all the guys
Jessica has become quite the ladies man since she moved to Texas. She gets all the guys.
by george nickels March 28, 2010
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