someone who gets pussy from more at least 2 different girls in a week, who happen to be best friends
i myself acomplished this feat with amber and michelle in the same 6 days
by Chris October 13, 2003
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A man who the ladies love, easy to talk to, or love being around. A man who has the respect of them and well doesn't need to kiss and tell, they do it for him.
"You know Oda Soda right? From Lakewood? Yea he's a ladies man."
by The Soda Pop May 16, 2007
1) A Man who spends much time with women, or is in the constant company of them 2) A man who is able to pleasure women in most any manner 3) A Man who tends towards female freinds, rather then male freinds
There goes Bob again, what is that like the 4th girl this week? He is quiet the ladies man.
by Erik S Taylor February 05, 2005
A genle mandered man, who likes to express himself through building up relationships with atleast 3-4 girls at once.
The LadiesMan has lots of girls.
by Patrick June 17, 2003

Jek is a girls name and oftenly mistaken with jerk.
Ladies man: "Hii"

Others: " Ewww its jerk, i mean jek, run away!!"
by therainbowdash May 25, 2014
I'm not quite sure, but I'll tell you an antonym. It is I.
You will see the light that I am not a ladiesman.
by Alex November 19, 2003
Misguided persona adopted by men attempting to mask various social or emotional issues, intended to promote a positive self image as unattainable and incapable of being satisfied with only one lady.

The discrepancy between individuals who tend to adopt this social identity and individuals who are genuinely desirable to women has lead to the more frequent association of the negative implications of the term.

The term player or playa is a euphemism synonymous with ladies man however because it is a relatively newer term it is less frequently used in mockery for its negative connotations and is typically intended to convey only the capricious nature of an individuals intimate relationships.
- Is John bringing anyone to the New Year's party?

- No, he's probably hoping to meet someone there. He's quite 'the ladies man'.
by haras theb May 29, 2007

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