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a simple yet fun word to say. mostly said to grab peoples attention. also usually said when one is happy
did you get some last night?
ladel ladel ladel
by Ichiro July 14, 2003
Not to be confused with the word ladle, a ladel is a man who goes around hugging goat's asses.
Velocireisha " How's the farm going?"

Pubert "It was good until i found this ladel running around naked in my barn. He killed 3 of my goats!"
by Emoli January 24, 2010
Another term used for the enjoyable act of Spooning. Commonly used when you want to use a less sexual and more comedical word in your descriptions.
Sarah and I LADELED the other night...together, on the couch... Naked! BowChickaBowWow!
by Alien51 September 22, 2009
A stupid way of saying 'later'.
"See ya ladel, Doyle!"
by Cory N April 14, 2008
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