Wannabe hard cunts who think they're hard but run at the first sight of trouble

they cant fight without a weapon or 1 on 1, commonly skinny, no dicks, get laid once a decade, like sucking dick
3 Lads: giv us ya fuckin wallet cunt

Metalhead: (cracks lad1 in the head with mean as all of hell right hook, jab to lad 2, lad 3 gets beaten to an inch of his life)

(metal head takes theyre wallets and walks off)
by 91111a November 16, 2009
Retardish "Hard" people, who insist on telling people how cool they are, the blond hair really makes the Lads look real masculine, a basic lad on sighting anyone who isn't gay like a lad who is wearing more than 33% of their clothing black they would be labelled, Emo cunt. A lad who is rejected a smoke from anyone except gay lads will gather his lad friends with their signal aiaiaiaiai! and any close lads will then proceed to Smash that emo cunt, no matter what clothing the sensible one wears.

A lads vocabulary:
Razor emo
Lad 1: Eshays! i jus rolled em emo cuntz, fkn bitches wit dere slipknot shirts

Lad 2: Yerr! Did they throw any of there cunt emo razorz at ya!

Lad 1: Yea, I'm so hard aye!
by Infadibulum December 16, 2007
shortened version off "link a draw" meaning to buy som weed
oi blad lets lad a jaks 2 day
by oi blaaaad October 02, 2007
In many countries it's a synonym for "boy" though in Australia it also means "faggot" or "wanna be gangster"
Man: Can you grab me a paper?
*boy grabs paper*
Man: "Good lad".

*'rebel' kids trying to act tough*
Everyone else: "Look at those lads. I wonder if they realize that everyone else hates them and that they look like scrawny faggots."
by John Haverick March 11, 2011
A word used by public schooled toffs to make them feel street when performing a pointless but hilarious challenge.
He won man o' man
by Yorkie 202 February 07, 2011
An Australian term to describe "rebelious" teens who hang out in groups of 3+ in bogan areas of australia. Most lads think that they are "the shit" and try very hard to impress each other.

Lads are ussually uneducated and can not speak english. They have made up their own language consisting of the words: Brew, Eshays, adlay, oi, cunt.
Most lads smoke and attempt to graphiti (graph or tag) in public places. They are skinny and wear Nautica and nike caps and shirts in a desperate attempt to look cool.
Lads often try to steal money of people that lok weaker than them.
Lads deserve to be killed and are a nuisance.
Lad: Oi Cunt, Wallet or you get Stabbed Brew.
4 Year Boy: No
Lad: (bolts away and wets his tracksuit pants.)
Lad1: Sup Bro, just got raped by 93 man
Lad2: Eshays adlay.

Lad1: Oi brew. lets go graph up at Bent Saysh brah.
Lad2: Nah brew im a fucking pussy.
Lad1: Same, I suggested carrying out this activity becuase it would make me look cool and i wont get bashed up as much by 7 year old children. I think i will go home now and have sex with my sister. Goodbye. (Walks away and gets hit by a bus)
by Overfed Cat June 13, 2010
A Australian Trend, sweeping the middle-lower class areas of australia. Usually A male teenager who wears Nautica polo shirts, Nike-Fit hats, Nike Shorts, A Pair of Nike TNz and a bumbag. They are usually seen hanging around parks, malls, skateparks,(which is strange cos they hate skaters and emos), train stations, ect. They are usually showing off their cigarette packets, thick textas or little kitchen knives. Their main charachterisitcs include Smoking cigarettes, tagging, harassing other kids and women, spitting,rolling(mugging) people for valubles, swearing or feeling up their trashy whores affectionatly called 'lasses' or 'asslays'.
ME:Eshayz lad, give me your phone and moneey or i'll fucking bash ya!"
KID: Oh yeah mate, your hardcore! Fucking faggot."
by hardstylejunkiie October 21, 2008

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