British word for a stereotypical male, who beds then sheds many females, drinks beer ceaselessly and whose life revolves solely around sport. The worst kind of human being.
Male 1 : Did a girl up the arse last night.
Male 2 : Lad!
by knightofmusical July 07, 2010
Lads are teenage boys who hang around in large groups getting high, smoking and picking on bystanders for mere humiliation. The common appearance of a lad is wearing Nautica or Ralph Lauren polo top, accompanied by a Nautica cap, Nike shoes (mostly Roshe runs or Free runs) and a North Face jacket. If you're looking for a lad, look on a rooftop in the city, as that is where they hang out. If not found there, look in Subway or a train-station.
(Outside Footscray Station)

Lad 1: Fresh Nautica jacket
Lad 2: Churrr
Lad 1: Fucking Nauticunt!
Lad 3: Let's go Subway fellas
Lad 4: Then we're going roof topping eshayy
Lad 5: Freshhhh
by kyssssssssssssssssssss June 14, 2014
A member of a group based on the internet that are always cocky, arrogant & drunk. They tend to be unemployed with ginger hair and freckles. Usually plump.
Shall we log on and chat to the lads?
by buckfastunited December 07, 2013
An Australian term used to describe young teens who think they are top shit. 'Lads' are usually found all over Sydney areas and they all believe that they are big and mad. In most cases they are just small little guys wanting trouble. 'Lads' can easily be distinguished in the public because they are almost certainly wearing a Polo or Nike 'Dri-Fit'-(HAT), a polo top, parachute track pants and almost certainly Nike Tn's or just Nike shoes in general. 'Lads' think they are 'god's gift' and are always looking for trouble. 'Lads' like to pick on innocent teenagers and try there best to 'roll them'. 'Rolling' means bashing innocent people for their items. Like nice shoes, watches...basically anything that is expensive and looks cool. 'Lads' are people who normally are living a shit 'homelife'. These 'lads' will often hang around with a group of around 4-6.
"The lads threatened the innocent teenage by saying "Lets roll this cunt, he has a nice G-Shock on. Within in seconds the lads had taken his watch and more."
by Muzz1nner July 09, 2013
A term used to describe a young person who has not reached manhood. The Australians, due to the settlement of irish convicts in 1788, associate the word lad with a criminal of irish decent. Through the years, due to popular culture in the british media, they have changed their uniform from iron helmets and chest plates to nike tns and nautica shirts.
ned kelly was the first "lad" in australia.
jason moran (Victoria gangland killings) was just a well dressed lad.
all people from ireland during the 18th century were essentially skinny white kids that get in trouble with the law lad.
by someoldbitch May 08, 2013
lad n.
1. A young man; a youth.
2. Informal A man of any age; a fellow.
3. (esp) Nick Trump
what a Lad
by alexwilson123 November 01, 2010
One who does extreme acts of manliness, usually in the field of intercourse or drinking of alcoholic beverages.
'I got totally noshed off by this hot babe, then slipped it up her ass and came all over her face.' Lad1

'Respect Lad' Lad(s)2


'Downed 20 pints then just chundered everywhere'
by DON_LAD April 25, 2010

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